Reasons behind South American clubs struggling at the club world cup

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    South American clubs are seemingly struggling at the world cup, and unable to deliver a top-notch performance as the South American country Argentina did in the FIFA World Cup. The governing authority of South American football, CONMEBOL, proudly and rightly boasts Argentina which is the current World Champion that eventually put an end to the dominance of the European countries.

    But despite the countries’ performance, the South American clubs, on the other hand, aren’t able to deliver at the club level at the club world cup. Earlier in 2000, Corinthians and Vasco da Gama locked horns with each other in the final, who knocked out the La Liga giants Real Madrid and the Red Devils Manchester United. However, same is not the case this season, as Flamengo was unable to reach the finals, facing defeat to Al Hilal, who will face Real Madrid.

    Carlos Fernando Navarro Montoya regarding the struggle of South American clubs

    Former Borca Juniors goalkeeper Carlos Fernando Nvaroo Montoya also expressed his views in regard to the struggling phase of the South American clubs in club football. He said that South American football has indeed been a great generator of world-class footballers, and most of them come from either Brazil, Argentina, or Uruguay. However, the recent club performance hasn’t been in their favor, and there are several reasons behind the same.

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    Among the major reasons include the financial problems in South America which has weakened the clubs in there, and as a result quality players are leaving to Europe to complete their training. Though there are several emerging players in the continent too, the Persian Gulf clubs are on the upper hand here, as they have been able to sign not only better players, but better coaches too, along with providing preferable infrastructures.

    Besides, South America was also confused for the time being, regarding their priorities on training. They focused more on physical strength, rather than focusing on the fundamental aspects. However, the technical and cognitive qualities should indeed be the priority, Navarro Montoya added.

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