Sony might launch it’s PlayStation 5 Slim in Q3 of 2023

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    According to a rumour, Sony intends to release a small PS5 console the following year. The PlayStation 5 was released in November 2020, but Sony has not been able to keep up with demand. As a result, some consumers are now purchasing a PS5 from a scalper for more than its MRP.

    However, it appears that availability has significantly increased recently as fans have started to see PS5 systems in various Walmart locations. This holds for both the basic edition and the exclusive package that includes a copy of Horizon Forbidden West. Even if the availability of the PS5 appears to be gradually increasing and the system is already almost two years old, many hopeful buyers have not yet acquired one.

    A fresh rumour suggests that Sony will launch a smaller PS5 in 2023.

    The Leak provided this information, which was subsequently reported by Insider Gaming. A smaller PS5 console will reportedly be released by Sony in Q3 2023, albeit it might not be called a PS5 Slim. The Leak asserts that this new design will be lighter and cooler than the original PS5 in addition to being smaller. The source also said Sony is working on a fix to do away with the need for the PS5 stand when the device is positioned horizontally. Even though you should always take rumours with a grain of salt, such console revisions are common in the gaming business.

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    Sony is developing a revamped PS5 console with a detachable disc drive, according to a report from Insider Gaming. According to the same claim, the new system might completely replace the current PS5 models. If this information is accurate, it appears that all clients will receive a digital-only PS5 with the option to add a disc drive if they so choose. It will be intriguing to watch how Sony sets the pricing for this PS5 hardware upgrade.

    Similar console updates typically result in a price reduction, allowing Sony to lower the system’s asking price. Sony recently raised the price of the PS5 in some places, including Europe, the UK, Japan, and more. The company gave these price increases as justifications for the high rates of worldwide inflation and unfavourable currency patterns. While Sony continues to analyse market trends, it recently announced that the price hike has not affected PS5 demand.

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