Sons of the Forest and its helpful but Goofy AI Assistant Kelvin is a blast — title

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    Sons of the Forest has officially entered Early Access, and one of the game’s biggest talking points has been Kelvin, an AI companion who is already beloved by the community and whose mission is to help you on your journey, even if he occasionally makes bizarre and hilarious decisions.

    Kelvin is an elite soldier who survived the helicopter crash that stranded you on Sons of Forest’s island. Unfortunately, he suffered brain damage and is unable to hear or speak, so players must communicate with him using a notepad.

    Sons of Forest’s developers created Kelvin to help solo players replicate the multiplayer experience, but he is also very useful for those who want to play Sons of the Forest with friends.

    In Sons of the Forest, Kelvin is undoubtedly helpful, he does act a bit odd from time to time.

    Kelvin follows the player wherever they go, and he’s a favorite of many fans. Players have begun to refer to him as Kevin out of affection, and he does his best to keep up with the protagonist. With a notepad and paper, the player can control him to some extent by assigning him tasks to complete. The animations for this are quite amusing.

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    Kevin does his best, but his artificial intelligence isn’t the best. Maybe it’s just the aftereffects of his brain injury from the crash. He’s sometimes crouched by a river’s edge, speed-snatching salmon with superhuman reflexes. At times, he runs up to a menacing cannibal and silently points at them.

    Kevin is a reassuring presence in Sons of the Forest. You can dilute or even eliminate your Kevin experience. In multiplayer, everyone in the group has their own Kevin, so you can simply pass him off to a friend. And if a cannibal takes Kevin out, you can finish him off with a hatchet.

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