Skull and Bones: Savage Storm comics brings you insight into the world of Skull and Bones

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    Even though Ubisoft has delayed the highly anticipated Skull and Bones Key video game, a spin-off comic book is now available for pre-order. John Jackson Miller and James Mischler co-wrote Skull and Bones: Savage Storm, the first issue of a Dark Horse Comics spin-off. Christian Rosado created the drawings, Roshan Kurichiyanil colored them, and Pius Bak designed the cover.

    Skull and Bones: Savage Storm provides a glimpse into the game’s world, complete with pirate action and adventure.

    A merchant vessel on the high seas is besieged by a vicious crew of pirates, but the fighting is interrupted by a devastating typhoon. When the storm crashes in, it leaves predator and prey stranded on an island somewhere in the Indian Ocean. Discover the mysteries and danger that will betide them all. A gritty story set in the merciless world of Ubisoft’s upcoming pirate game.

    In addition to the first issue of Skull and Bones, fans can anticipate a hardcover art book. The Art of Skull and Bones is a full-color hardcover book that highlights the artistry and ingenuity that went into the creation of this highly anticipated game. It contains concept art as well as behind-the-scenes information from the development team. Roshan Kurichiyanil contributed color drawings to the book, and Pius Bak designed the cover.

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