Serie A on the verge of suspension

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    Mario Draghi, the Prime Minister of Italy is facing a tough decision with the country assessing on how best to move forward with their top tier football league, i.e., the Serie A, concerning the rise of the Omicron variant of COVID19 reigning at present. Talks have been initiated with the IFF (Italian Football Federation) to study measures that could consist of the increase of COVID19 infections within the top flight in recent times.

    The two plans which are planned to lead forward includes full suspension of the Serie A until the matter is under control or the striking back of the matches in the stadiums, which are primarily closed to the supporters.

    Rise of cases in Italy

    COVID cases have indeed been increasing at a massive rate in Italy. The country has experienced a monumental 220,000 cases on Thursday, along with 108,000 fresh cases on Friday.

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     Along with that, the shades of the pandemic is also seen in Serie A itself, as all the clubs have reported a total of 90 positive cases since the start of 2022. On January 12, i.e., on Wednesday, it is expected that a proper decision will be made, however, both the parties are expecting that the stadiums might be closed.

    Postponement of matches in the Serie A

    In Serie A, on the last matchday, four out of 10 matches got postponed concerning the high number of infections within various Serie A clubs. On the other hand, the 21st match day, which is scheduled for Sunday, might have a reduced program, with three Serie A matches suspended.

    Another football league of Italy, i.e., Serie B has already been suspended, and that particular break has emerged ON December 23, 2021, and will go on till January 21, 2022.

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