Safari: controversial designs undone by Apple’s betas

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    The controversial layout of Safari is omitted by Apple’s macOS and iOS betas

    Apple has released a third developer beta for the upcoming iOS 15 and macOS Monterey. They have brought some much-needed fixes to Safari. The company is undoing some of the more controversial changes introduced in the previous beta. For macOS, this means that you can go back to the normal tab bar from the old layout, and in terms of the URL bar, the iOS layout is more consistent.

    iOS 15 still sticks to your new tab view and shows the URL bar moving across the bottom, but the latest beta will permanently dock it there instead of placing it at the top of the screen when you select it. By clicking and holding the URL bar, Apple also added a new update option to the pop-up menu. In short, these changes help make the new design more consistent in use.

    The changes to macOS are simpler: Apple appears to have restored some of the Big Sur design for Safari’s URL bar and tabs, abandoning the combined tab / URL bar configuration that made its debut in early beta. In the latest beta, there is again a URL bar at the top of every Safari menu and a row of tabs underneath.

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    Each of these labels still takes up a considerable amount of space (Monterey’s overall design is the same in this regard), but it’s definitely an improvement over the original beta. In other words, according to 9to5Mac, if you prefer the new design, it is still an option.

    remains unchanged, at least currently the iPadOS version of Safari. However, since Apple is not expecting to fully release its latest operating system update until the fall, there is still plenty of time to make other changes to Safari on all Apple platforms.

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