Should Ronaldo’s controversial goal be considered against the match with Newcastle?

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    Manchester United has disallowed two goals in Sunday’s goalless draw with Newcastle United, the second goal sparking controversy among supporters.

    Ronaldo put the ball into the net twice at Old Trafford on Sunday, but both goals were ruled out by referee Craig Pawson. It was correctly flagged as offside after rolling the ball into the net after a fluid move that saw a link-up with Jadon Sancho.

    But it was his second disallowed goal seconds later, and Newcastle’s ensuing free-kick saw Ronaldo drive the ball into an empty net, which roused United fans.

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    There was a lot of controversy in this week’s Premier League match week. One of his major talking points was the match between Manchester United and Newcastle at Old Trafford.

    After a free-kick upset in favor of Newcastle changed the outcome of the game, both Red Devils fans and players felt cheated of the win.

    United started a deadlock with a much-needed goal for Ronaldo after he took the initiative and Fabian Schar headed the ball in his direction before swiping the ball off Nick Pope’s leg. I thought. It was clear that the referee blew his whistle before Schar touched the ball, but the argument ended after referee Pawson believed that Schar could have just handed the ball to the goalkeeper to score a free-kick.

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    Fan videos clearly disagree with the referee’s decisions on Ronaldo’s goal

    Fan-shot videos in the stands have enough footage to make a strong case against the referee. It seems that Schar’s intention was to give the pass to Pope and let the game continue. The video was filled with outraged fans criticizing the referee’s decision.

    Eric ten Hag was rightfully furious after the match and declined to comment, but not before making his feelings known, “I don`t have a comment, everyone has seen it. I shared that with them [the referees].

    Eddie Howe, on the other hand, was confident that the referee had made the right decision. “It was clear Fabian wasn’t taking the kick and he was allowing Nick to do it. Nick was waiting to deliver the free-kick when Ronaldo took the ball. That would be a very, very difficult decision to swallow”, stated the Newcastle boss.

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