Apex Legends Season 15: Everything we need to know about the upcoming Season

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    As the last month of Season 14 approaches its conclusion, Apex Legends Season 15 is drawing near. Season 15 of Apex Legends Year 4 will likely be the game’s final season, and if past trends are any indication, developer Respawn will also introduce a new playable legend, battle pass, and quest with a narrative focus.

    In terms of how Respawn will manage map rotations moving forward, the possibility of a fifth battle royale map poses some concerns. Currently, just one battle royale map per seasonal split of Apex Legends’ map rotation is removed, leaving three maps per rotation.

    The commencement of Apex Legends Season 15 has not yet been officially confirmed by Respawn, but we can infer it from previous seasons’ trends. Usually, the day after the previous Apex Legends season concludes, the new season begins. In this instance, Season 14 ends on November 1, so it makes sense that Season 15 will begin on that date as well.

    We got an early glimpse at what appears to be a new battle royale map, dubbed “Divided Moon,” back during the major Apex Legends leak in Season 12 that showed Newcastle, Vantage, Valkyrie’s heritage, and a whole array of other cosmetics that turned out to be real. This is most likely the new map for Season 15.

    The moon in question is probably Cleo, the fragmented moon of Seer’s planet Boreas. On the day of Seer’s birth, a meteor hit Cleo and largely destroyed the moon. Boreas has been continuously hit by fragments of Cleo over the past 26 years, and the partially destroyed moon has caused the planet to experience dramatic temperature swings at the poles and the equator as well as major disruptions in the ocean tides. In 50 to 70 years, Boreas is predicted to be utterly uninhabitable.

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    After Season 13, all of this—along with Seer’s lack of attempts to rectify any of it—was publicized throughout Syndicate space courtesy of reporter Lisa Stone, who sandbagged the legend with inquiries that link him to Boreas’ ongoing decline. Seer worked to correct that misunderstanding and support his home planet for a portion of Season 14’s Quest before getting the idea to bring the Apex Games to Boreas and benefit the local economy there.

    Additional indications that Boreas/Cleo will win the Apex Games have surfaced on Twitter as Season 14 comes to a close. On October 7, the Apex Legends Twitter account posted a picture showing Octane and Seer collaborating on a bid to host the Apex Games at Seer’s house. The message also teased that part “dos” of Octane’s town takeover would be included.

    On October 10, the Apex Legends Twitter account shared another picture. This photograph shows Duardo Silva, Octane’s grandfather, working at his desk.

    We can see that he has had communications with Octane, Seer, Jacob Young (the Syndicate’s director of PR), Lisa Stone, and others. He has also reviewed the proposal from Octane and Seer and is currently drafting a contract between some parties, most notably the Syndicate, the National Alliance of Boreas, and the Cleo Recovery Council.

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    Although Respawn hasn’t formally revealed the new playable legend for Season 15, we have a very solid notion of who it might be. Returning to the leak from Divided Moon described earlier, we can see some characters in various states of completion. It seems logical that Newcastle and Vantage are nearly finished because they were supposed to be the next two legends to debut in Seasons 13 and 14, respectively. Vantage is also not far from her final design.

    From there, things become a little more difficult because the final seven leaked legends are all still relatively incomplete. However, Catalyst and Uplink stand out as being a little more polished than the others. Both characters at least have part of their skills in the game, even if neither has a character model in the leak as Newcastle and Vantage have. Our bet is on Catalyst since, of the two, their capabilities appear to be far more advanced—they have their models and are functioning as described.

    The fact that this leak is now almost seven months old should serve as a reminder that not all of it is still true, even though most of it has been confirmed to be true. Respawn had the option to drop Catalyst months ago or take its character on a whole other path. If nothing has changed, however, we can anticipate Catalyst to continue to be a legendary character who creates constructs for their team out of ferrofluid, a strange, spiky-looking black liquid that can be molded using magnets, both to protect allies from harm and to make it simpler for them to reach specific locations.

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    Respawn appears to have begun teasing Catalyst on Twitter as well. On October 13, the Apex Legends Twitter account shared a picture of a tablet showing a message that has been sent to every legend. However, this message likely reached a legend that we haven’t yet been officially introduced to based on the objects on the desk around the tablet.

    Tarot cards and crystals can be seen all over the tablet. If I may indulge in some prejudices for a moment, these items are frequently connected to Wicca, which fits the style of the placeholder image Respawn has selected for Catalyst. Catalyst is pictured in the placeholder as a pale-skinned woman wearing dark clothing and gothic makeup. She has a witchy appearance. She had the appearance of someone who would use crystals and tarot cards.

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