Redfall drops new exploration and gameplay trailer

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    Arkane Studios has released an extended trailer for Redfall that takes you on a tour of the open world of the co-op shooter. Part of what makes Redfall such an exciting and original concept is that it isn’t just a retread of Left 4 Dead. Redfall immerses players in an open, changing world that they will become acquainted with from mission to mission, while also delivering constant surprises. This latest Redfall trailer uses the opportunity to show some of what Redfall players can expect when they travel to Massachusetts town.

    Redfall’s setting is an island town, small and cosy by nature.

    However, it has turned into a living nightmare as a result of a failed scientific experiment that unleashed a vampire horde. The game’s setting is heavily influenced by horror author Stephen King’s work. King is known for cracking open seemingly pleasant small towns to reveal supernatural horrors within. Arkane is certainly on board with that notion, though Redfall is bound to be a lot more lively than Jerusalem’s Lot, Maine.

    The “Extended Gameplay and World Exploration” trailer for Redfall was released as part of the IGN Fan Fest 2023 event. It’s only about three minutes long, but it covers a lot of ground in that time. It begins with a general view of Redfall with the sun high in the sky. There are churches, shops, and police stations, among other things. For all intents and purposes, it appears to be a typical town.

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    credit: wccftech

    The sun is then blocked out, and Redfall becomes darker. The trailer shifts to more unusual locations in Redfall. There’s a carnival with a Ferris wheel, a statue defaced into a strange altar, scientific labs, and other mysterious locations – places that defy reality’s laws.

    Redfall releases May 2 on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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