Lies of P gets a August 2023 release Window

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    Lies of P appears to be one of the most intriguing upcoming releases. The game’s Belle Epoque setting offers a unique take on the story of Pinocchio, with players taking on the role of the titular puppet and roaming automaton-infested streets. One look at any of the footage released thus far demonstrates why Lies of P has been compared to Bloodborne, and if this game is even half as good as FromSoftware’s 2015 PS4 exclusive, it should be considered a success. Despite being in the final stages of development as of November 2022, the recent IGN Fan Fest revealed that Lies of P will be released in August.

    So far, Forspoken, Dead Space, and Hogwarts Legacy have all been released, with more big games like Like a Dragon: Ishin! and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on the way. It makes perfect sense for developer Neowiz to delay the release of Lies of P in order to ensure that the final version has an appropriate amount of polish. A little extra time in the oven can sometimes make all the difference in the state of a game when it is released.

    When Neowiz announced that Lies of P’s development was nearing completion last November, many fans expected the game to be released soon after.

    Lies of P
    credit: wccftech

    For a while, the game stuck to its tentative 2023 release date. The new trailer, which mostly showed off the game’s monstrous enemies, gave fans an August release date that was a little later than expected. On the surface, there could be a couple of valid reasons for this, including the game simply not being ready for release despite the fact that its core content is complete. The risks of releasing an unfinished game are obvious, with the disastrous launch of Cyberpunk 2077 serving as one of the most prominent examples thus far.

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    Perhaps Neowiz wants to be absolutely certain that the game is ready for launch, which means there will be almost no chance of unwanted bugs, glitches, or performance issues. This is a commendable approach, and given the number of games that have launched with issues in the few years since the COVID-19 pandemic began, it is likely one that fans will welcome. In a post-Elden Ring world, the Soulslike genre is more popular and competitive than ever, and Lies of P may be waiting for a quieter period to launch.

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