La Gazzetta dello Sport states that Real Madrid will push for Mbappe once more for 1 bn euros

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    Kylian Mbappe’s display in the Qatar World Cup 2022, especially in the finals with a hat-trick, has been sensational. His outstanding performance in the tournament leaves no scope to deny his future greatness and that he’s a king in making world football with lots of expected Ballon d’Or in his cabinet. 

    His enormous pace and mind-blowing goal-scoring capacity surely make him one of the best in the world. Despite suffering a loss against Argentina in the finals, Mbappe has won millions of hearts.

    Real Madrid to push Mbappe once more

    The one particular team that has always been trying to get him and even was close to signing him last year is Real Madrid.

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    Florentino Perez was already expecting his arrival ahead of the 2022/23 season, but he declined at the last moment and stayed back in France. This obviously has a bad impression on the Spanish squad, and the chances of seeing him in white seemed to fade off completely. 

    But reports suggest the club has gotten over this. According to the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta Dello Sport, the Spanish club is ready with one billion euros in the summer of 2023. It claims Real Madrid is set to spend 150 m euros for the transfer, 630 m euros in salary, and 220 m euros in commissions.

    Is the news confirmed?

    It’s yet to be confirmed from the club’s end, and many are finding it hard to believe that they are set to spend so much on a player. 

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    But there’s no doubt that Mbappe is going to rule the football world in the coming days, and Real Madrid will look for the best additions to their team.

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