Puncch Beat Season 2 released: The first impressions of the second season has taken down the show

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    Puncch Beat is a romantic drama-based web series. It is created by Vikash Gupta and directed by Suyash Vadhavkar. It was firstly released on 14th February 2019 and the second one was released on 27th June 2021 at an OTT platform named ALT Balaji. It contains 2 seasons. The first season has 13 episodes with 20 minutes of running time each and the second season consists of 26 episodes with 20 minutes of running time.

    The first season turned out to be good-looking, aspirational, and dramatic. But the recently released new season of the show uses Poo’s words, it’s only about ‘good looks, good looks, and good looks.

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    The guys are muscular and handsome while the girls are slim, glamorous, and good-looking. Their first meetings lead to kissing and the welcome parties have lap dances. If we say something about performance then it will be better to stay quiet. Except for some of the actors like Nikki Walia, Siddharth Sharma, and Harshit Kaur but the rest of the cast seems like either they are staring blankly at the cameras or hamming as if their life depends on it. There are also a lot more cuss words and drugs, but this is the way how cinema also portrays the life of the rich kids.

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    From a high school drama, Puncch Beat season 2 has now become a thriller. In the first episode of season 2, we have witnessed that a police officer has come to Rosewood High School to investigate a suspicious death. Till the fourth episode, we will be left unwinded about the death that who is dead, then we saw that Nikki’s Maya was crying by seeing the photos of both the leads i.e. Rahat and Ranbir, which gave us a hint that at least one of them is dead. Yours only investment to watch till further for few more episodes is to find out who has died.

    The season begins with Rahat and Ranbir looking forward to the re-match of the Pheonix tournament. As in the last season, the final match was halted because Harshita Ranbir with a stool as he impregnated her younger sister. The enmity between the two boys has only grown because they are also competing for Maya’s affection. The pressure on students from their parents has also gained importance which was highlighted in the previous season. It also gets more importance this time as makers show how it affects children’s mental health.

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    The new cast of this season Samyuktha Hedge, Urfi Javed, and Poppy Jabbal have nothing much to offer. While the roadies champ, Samyuktha looks uncomfortable with her glammed-up new look. The same goes for Urfi who tried to prove herself to be the new hot chick in the school but unfortunately, she failed to leave her marks behind. Poppy as the investigator from the ‘School board’ has also not acted properly, it was also quite disappointing.

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    As a whole, we can conclude that the second season of Puncch Beat has put down the show. The whole season of Puncch Beat 2 is a curse itself. Nothing seems to be on point. Everything has its own fault including the performance of the actors as while as the script and storytelling.

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