101st anniversary of Real Madrid receiving the Real title

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    Today marks the 101 years of Real Madrid receiving the Real title from King Alfonso XIII. On 29th June 1920, King Alfonso XIII granted the title of Real (meaning Royal) to the Madrid based club.

    King Alfonso XIII issued a letter, sent by the high steward to Real Madrid’s then-president, Pedro Parages. The letter granted the club permission to use the Real title.

    The letter read: “His Majesty the King takes great pleasure in granting the football club which you serve as worthy president with the title of Real (royal), which may be placed before the club’s name from now forth. I hereby inform you of the above and the consequences thereof”. 

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    Therefore, on 29th June 1920, Madrid Football Club was renamed as Real Madrid Football Club. It has gone on to become one of the most successful clubs in Europe since then.

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