PS5 – Sales to rise due to female gamers

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    Rise of PS5

    PS5 sales can exceed the annual sales record of 22.6 million units on PlayStation. This is possible with the help of female gamers and the opportunity market. Sony wants to sell more than 22.6 million consoles in fiscal year 2022. Through PlayStation 5, Sony is aiming for the original sales record of the PlayStation console. It achieved a sales record of 22.6 million units in a single fiscal year.

    PS5 has already recorded a record start, production was known to have increased during the summer in the record fiscal year 2022. Can be included in the card with the help of female buyers and the growing opportunity market.

    Sony Investor Relations held in May along with recent meeting of shareholders have grand plans for PlayStation 5. 2021 may not be challenging the overall sales record due to chip shortages and well-documented issues in console inventory. FY22 (2023) is to break the potential record for the PS5. The target was 12 months until March 31, 2014. Both PS2 and PS4 have exceeded 20 million units, but Sony is demanding more of the PS5.

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    Focus on female PS5 gamers

    The company also focuses on helping female players and the opportunity market. The female game console ownership rate on PS1 is 18%, but increases to a more equal 41% on PS4 and above.

    Markets outside North America, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand also provided additional sales. Players in Latin America, Africa and Asia helped increase the revenue ratio from 1% in fiscal 2000 to + 10% in fiscal year 2020.

    The PlayStation brand is at a level that matches well-known brands such as Amazon and Honda. The first year of PS5 sales was 7.8 million units, beating all other previous PlayStation consoles (PS4: 7.6 million units). Annual sales forecast of +14.8 million.

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