iPhone 13 launch coming very soon!

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    What will iPhone 13 bring us? How is it better than the previous models? What are the rumored details of this new launch item from Apple?

    Apple would most likely want to avoid a launch delay for the iPhone 13. Thus it’s no surprise that TSMC has allegedly begun manufacturing of the A15 Bionic processor. This is very essentsial to what will eventually be in feature for each model. Apple was expected to introduce the updated models in late September. According to previous rumours, though no details are available.

    Now, according to a Wedbush analyst, Apple will unveil four newmodels in the third week of September. Let’s have a look at the rest of the analyst’s predictions.
    Analysts have already predicted that all models will include a 1TB storage option.
    According to Daniel Ives, a third September iPhone 13 launch is possible, if his predictions are correct.

    The tech giant will more or less release the iPhone in September and Tuesday.
    For example, the latest leak showing all four dummies shows that only iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro will be equipped with lidar cameras, while iPhone 13 mini is expected to only provide dual rear cameras.

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    In addition, there is evidence that Apple intends to release the series as soon as possible. It was previously reported that TSMC is prioritizing chip orders from the California-based giant. Due to the current shortage of chips, the Taiwanese chip manufacturer will have a choice, and Apple’s orders have driven TSMC’s huge growth.

    As always, we will see what Apple’s plans are, and if these plans include the launch in the third week of September.

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