Premier League will continue without any change in rules

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    Reports have stated that English Premier League will go on without making any changes despite the huge spread of COVID19 cases again, in the league. The present EPL rules on the postponement of the tournament have stated that all the EPL teams must have 13 senior outfield players, who can be anyone who has featured in the league game previously, as well as including a goalkeeper, which is to fulfil the given fixture.

    Under extra scrutiny, the decision not to change any rules came, and another game was announced to be postponed, which was Newcastle’s trip to Southampton. Also, on this occasion of Newcastle’s trip, it was deemed that the club didn’t meet the requirements which were necessary to fulfil the fixture leading to the postponement of matches. This is indeed dismaying to Southampton and other teams.

    COVID in the Premier League

    Coronavirus has hugely spread over the English Premier League and making it postponed for at least some time, was indeed a much necessary decision to make, however, nothing happened like the same. A total of over 100 COVID cases took place at the PL last week, that too for the first time.

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    Numerous pundits along with managers including the manager of Southampton, Ralph Hasenhuttl and Garu Neville, a regular pundit from Sky Sports feels that the decision of taking the clubs into injuries when it is considered whether a match should be postponed is wrong.

    And that distinction needs to be made out when considering COVID absences or injury-related absences as normal injuries do not specifically warrant a match to be postponed. Necessary measures should be taken in the Premier League soon, else the number of CODI cases will rise more, and situations might get out of hand now.

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