Juan Figer passes away at 86

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    Legendary football agent Juan Figer passes away at Sao Paolo at the age of 86. Juan Figer was very much ahead of his time in the football world and oversaw several transfers who went from South America to Europe. These were significantly possible because of his methods, which is seen as the foundation of the transfer market for the last 50 years.

    Juan Figer was a Brazilian cum Uruguayan football agent, who has an immense contribution to the football world and had a huge influence all over the industry.

    The Career of Juan Figer

    The career of Juan Figer started with the transfer of Pablo Forlan, who is the father of Diego. The transfer was from Penarol to Sao Paolo, with a huge fee of 80 thousand dollars. However, Figer was aware of the fact that in the upcoming times, footballers would certainly make their move to the European continent.

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    The saying that Juan Figer was ahead of his time, is so much relatable in today’s world as maximum players have their dream to play in the top tier European football leagues.

    Works of the Uruguayan

    The Uruguayan cum Brazilian football agent worked with numerous European clubs. One of his most important clubs as Real Madrid, where he executed business with the most over the years and was also involved in various deals with clubs such as Baptista, Ze Roberto, Cicinho, Savio, Filipe Luis, Robinho. Most importantly, one of his recent works was on Brazilian superstar, Neymar Jr.’s move to FC Barcelona.

    Juan Figer’s son Marcel along with his granddaughter Stephanie will continue the legacy of the great football agent. Letting Figer go is certainly a big loss for the whole football world, however, the contributions of the legend will never be forgotten in this industry.

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