PlayStation Plus: Sony reveals free games on the service for May 2023

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    The free PlayStation Plus games for May 2023 have been made public, and subscribers will be able to download three games during that month. All PlayStation Plus subscribers, regardless of tier, have access to the free games. Once claimed, subscribers keep having access to the free games as long as they continue to be PS Plus members.

    In stark contrast, the games accessible through PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium alternate between being available and not being available. Many PlayStation gamers still look forward to the free PlayStation Plus games every month and will soon have three more games to add to their digital library because they can keep the games forever as long as they remain subscribers to the service.

    Grid Legends, Chivalry 2, and Descenders are available to PlayStation Plus subscribers starting on Tuesday, May 2. Subscribers will be able to download the native PS4 and PS5 versions of all three games. Descenders is a cycling game, Grid Legends is a racing game, and Chivalry 2 is a multiplayer medieval combat game. All three received largely favorable reviews, but it cannot be denied that they are relatively specialized games, which may cause some opposition to the free PS Plus games for May 2023.

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    Here are the free PlayStation Plus Games for May 2023: –

    • Grid Legends
    • Chivalry 2
    • Descenders

    When they don’t like the free games offered for a given month, PlayStation Plus members frequently voice their opinions. The free PS Plus games for May 2023, which feature Grid Legends as the featured title, are likely to irritate some fans because they frequently complain whenever the free games are sports or racing games. Others might find the selection of free games to be more than sufficient, particularly if they have PS Plus Extra and Premium subscriptions and will have access to even more games starting in May 2023.

    Sony has confirmed a new day-one release for the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium tiers in May 2023, though it has not yet made public all the new games coming to those tiers in that month. As long as they are signed up for the more expensive tiers, PlayStation Plus subscribers should still have an exciting time in May because the bizarre new puzzle game Humanity will be coming to PS Plus Extra on the exact day that it releases, May 16.

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