Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Here’s a beginners guide to help you in your adventures

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    Open-world action-adventure game Star Wars Jedi Survivor includes Souls-like mechanics for good measure. The difficulty can increase significantly, especially once you’re up against a large number of enemies. Thankfully, the Options -> Gameplay tab allows you to adjust the difficulty. As long as you’re not engaged in battle, you can do this at any time.

    As a beginner here is a guide that might help you in your initial days of being a Jedi the Star Wars Jedi Survivor: –

    In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, all over the planets and regions, there are many Meditation Circles/Meditation Points. These give you the ability to refuel, switch Lightsaber stances, assign skill points, equip perks, engage in combat training to test your mettle, and utilize the crucial fast travel system. Make a note of their location so you can come back to it later. Similar to this, once you have access to the Mantis, you can interact with the Holotable/Galactic Map to quickly travel between planets. And, yes, a little later in the campaign, you can go back to Coruscant, the game’s opening locale.

    Circles for meditation have the command to rest. Your HP, Force, and Stimpack charges are all recovered. The enemies will respawn as a result, though. Use the aforementioned Stimpack charges if you need to heal up while you’re out exploring or fighting. You only have two at first, but you’ll eventually find more.

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    You’ll be moving around a lot while running, jumping, and grappling, so if you’re not careful, you might fall to your death. The screen will fade to black and you will reappear at the ledge or cliffside where you first started jumping if you fall from a height that is greater than a few dozen meters or so. Cal has also suffered a small HP loss, as you can see.

    If Cal completely runs out of HP and passes away, you’ll reappear at the closest Meditation Circle you interacted with, which functions as a kind of checkpoint technically. You’ll lose all the experience points (XP) you’ve accrued up to the last skill point you earned, much like in Souls-like games. You must go back to the location where you died to get your XP back. You should come across a glowing enemy or spot. To regain your lost XP, move to that glowing area or strike that adversary.

    You must devise strategies to make exploration easier because there are vast areas to cover. There, shortcuts will be useful. These might resemble zipline points, cuttable ropes, doors that need to be unlocked from the outside, or even lifts. Once you’ve unlocked shortcuts along the way, it will be much easier for you to go back and revisit locations.

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    As you are free to move around in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you must pay close attention to your surroundings. There are some areas with hazards or obstacles that you might not be able to pass through at first, but you’ll soon develop the skills needed for traversal. The Grappling Hook, Air Dashes, Electro Darts, and even a charm that enables you to cross green barriers are some of these.

    In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, five different Lightsaber stances can be unlocked through the story campaign. Only two items can be equipped at once, though. Depending on the circumstances, pick the appropriate stance. For instance, the Dual-Waving stance allows for faster strikes while the Double-Bladed stance is great for dealing with crowds. For slower but stronger attacks, there is even the Crossguard stance.

    You’ll encounter some bosses by following the plot (with some surprises along the way). Similarly, if you try to stray from the path, you might encounter tougher monstrosities. You will now battle legendary enemies, including the vicious Rancour and The Massiff, an enhanced Magnaguard from the previous game’s Legendary Beasts.

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    In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, there are so many different things you can do and see. Secrets can be found in far-off places, and nooks and crannies may contain items you can collect. For example, High Republic Chambers are forgotten about Jedi Temples. Everyone has their challenges and benefits. Force Tears, on the other hand, are dimensional rips that present quick challenges with benefits.

    You’ll also get to interact with people who will eventually visit Pyloon’s Saloon in Koboh. A few will add new features or functions, others will serve as vendor NPCs where you can trade the collectibles you have amassed. Some will inform you of rumors or sidequests.

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