PlayStation Plus Games for September 2023 are finally here and we are not excited

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    Subscribers can now access the September 2023 free PlayStation Plus games. Every month, PS Plus subscribers receive about three free games at no additional cost, and they are free to keep playing them until their subscription expires.

    Sony often has a wide selection of genres because its users can choose from both AAA and independent games. With their PS Plus subscriptions last month, players could download Dreams, Death’s Door, and PGA Tour 2K23, with Dreams also being made accessible in the Extra tier. Gamers now have access to the September 2023 roster of the free monthly PlayStation Plus games, which are typically available starting in the first week.

    Saints Row, Black Desert: Traveller Edition, and Generation Zero are all free to play for PlayStation Plus subscribers. The only most noticeable game on the list is the Saints Row. 

    Although not every PS Plus game will be popular with users, Sony typically includes well-liked games in this category. The next two titles in the PlayStation Plus roster for September, though, also didn’t receive favourable reviews, so there aren’t many things to commend it. Generation Zero has a Metacritic score of only 45 while the PS4 edition of Black Desert has a score of 61. Due to the intense criticism the whole lineup received from PlayStation Plus subscribers, players can now play these games and express their own opinions.

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    The announcement that PS Plus would be raising costs for all three tiers was more contentious than the relatively weak game choices that day. From September 6, a 12-month subscription to PS Plus Essential will cost 79.99 USD, while the Extra and Premium categories will cost 134.99 USD and 159.99 USD, respectively. The only explanation Sony provided for this price rise was that it would allow it to keep providing PS Plus with high-calibre titles and value-added features.

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