Cristiano Ronaldo gets super honest during lie detector test

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    Something exciting happened as Cristiano Ronaldo was subjected to a lie detector test. It was part of a marketing campaign for a cryptocurrency website, and he answered several sensitive questions related to his soccer career.

    Cristiano Ronaldo gets extremely honest during his lie-detector test

    The Cristiano Ronaldo was hooked up to the Polygraph machine as the man in charge asked him a few questions that must not be taken lightly under any circumstances.

    He had to face tough questions like: Is Alex Ferguson the best coach in history? Are you the best scorer ever? Have you ever googled your name? This video illustrates his answer. 

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    According to the Polygraph, Cristiano Ronaldo believes he will be playing till his 40s at an extraordinary level. He is also super sure that no other goalscorer matches his quality. The one thing that fans can be sure about Ronaldo from the Polygraph is that he loves himself. 

    The five-time Ballon d’Or winner answered some vital questions with utmost honesty, but there was this one that turned out to be extremely tough. This was the response that was unavailable in the clip. 

    Credits – Marca

    “Would you trade your five Champions League titles for the World Cup?”

    This was the question asked and the clip not showing the answer leaves the fans glued to their seats with intensive thoughts to run in their minds for sure. 

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    The clip takes the viewers to the official website, and it’s impossible for the viewers to know what exactly CR7 replied to this question. Fans can’t think but wonder what could be his answer to this question. 

    Ronaldo made it to the semis in the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany. There, Portugal had lost to France and Zinedine Zidane. Later, the legendary Zidane also coached the iconic Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid. 

    Ronaldo, who now plays for Al-Nassr, celebrated his 850th career goal a few days back when his team secured victory 5-1 in the Saudi Pro League on Saturday. 

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    A few days back, the legend won his first trophy with his present club. Ronaldo led his team to their first-ever Arab Club Champions Cup Title with two goals in the final game against Al-Hilal in the extra time. It ended 2-1. 

    The first-time championship win will be a big thing for the club and also for its fans. For CR7’s fans, it’s a moment of euphoria as nothing beats the joy of seeing their favorite player holding the trophy. 

    What do you think Ronaldo could have answered in the lie detector test regarding trading Champions Trophies for the World Cup?

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