Pirelli proposes a ‘Super Intermediate tyre’ for Formula 1

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    Pirelli proposes a ‘Super Intermediate tyre’ for Formula 1

    Wet weather racing in Formula One has always been a thing to watch in this sport and has even become a hot topic in recent years. The farce in Spa 2021, as well as an increased number of accidents in the rain, have only increased pressure on the drivers as well as the management. On that note, Pirelli, the sole tire supplier of F1 and its feeder series, finds itself trying to achieve a difficult task. Under Mario Isola, it has to find a way to appease all parties: F1, the FIA, and the drivers.

    What has happened in recent years?

    The weight of the cars has continued to increase in recent years, and with that, the spray problems tend to increase as well. Besides, the wet tires introduced last year have been really off the pace. This means that as soon as the track becomes slightly less wet, drivers push for intermediates. This also means that more drivers are taking risks by going for intermediates in conditions more suited to full wets. The ground effect hasn’t made things easier by making the entire underfloor a vacuum.

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    The changes to come in the super intermediate tyre proposed by Pirelli

    As mentioned that Pirelli has introduced new super intermediate tires; these don’t need tire blankets. The new full-wet tires in Monaco this year claim that these are much better than the normal ones and will be effective in bad weather as well. However, in the sprint race at Spa, all 20 drivers pitted within one lap of the safety car coming in. The only reason 10 of them waited for a lap was for pit lane considerations.

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    The performance must have been there, though, since the FIA agreed to a mid-season tire change. F1 and FIA are also trying to test “spray guards” on the back of F1 cars to reduce the spray. This idea was first floated around Suzuka last year when the race was curtailed due to heavy rain.

    Coming to more specific details about the super-intermediate tires introduced by Pirelli, Mario Isola thinks that the company can make a super-intermediate tire that will work across all conditions. The recent tests that were conducted for the types have been positive.

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    However, the problem is that most of their running occurs on artificially soaked tracks. Though these tests came only at Fiorano and Paul Ricard is a big limitation, according to Mario Isola. Their characteristics seem to be very different from tracks like Silverstone, Spa, Suzuka, and many more, which are generally known for experiencing wet races. However, Mario Isola s positive that Pirelli can make a tire for all conditions.

    When will Pirelli be able to make it?

    Isola hopes that they can make it by 2024. If green-flagged, they will be allowed to be introduced mid-season. Though, as per the regulations, they might not be allowed to do the same, they can be changed with an agreement between parties. This is what happened in Monaco this year. Another interesting factor in Pirelli’s quest to prove its tires is Bridgestone. The Japanese tire manufacturer has officially put a tender to become the new sole supplier in F1. Let’s see how this story develops.

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