REVEALED: PSG’s reason behind keeping Mbappe sidelined

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    The Ligue 1 giants, PSG are continuing their practice session under the guidance of Luis Enrique and the new training ground in Poissy. However, despite their resuming of the training, a notable thing has been seen on their Session, which is the absence of their one of the main players, Kylian Mbappe. However, Mbappe hasn’t stopped his training, rather he is seen training with the other transfer-listed players. This has eventually gave us a clue that he’s unlikely to be feature in Ligue 1 next Saturday against Lorient at the Parc des Princes.

    Why is Mbappe sidelined by PSG?

    PSG is primarily seeing Mbappe as a player out of the picture. Despite Mbappe has been one of the players for the club for years now, but PSG are maintaining their stance of excluding their star from the ongoing project. Their viewpoint is that, due to Mbappé’s resolute decision to leave as a free agent next year, despite allegedly expressing the opposite in various interviews and conversations throughout this year, he no longer desires to be a part of Luis Enrique’s new venture.

    PSG has also asserted that this particular decision remains unwavering concerning that the circumstances haven’t altered regardless of the various solutions proposed to Mbappe’s representatives recently. These proposals also consists of a guaranteed sale clause at the end of the current season, however, PSG striker as well as his entourage has eventually turned it down.

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    PSG has been on a view that Kylian Mbappe’s steadfast stance is perplexing, as it not only disrupts the club’s project but also benefits a direct competitor, as in Qatar they strongly believe the player has an agreement with Real Madrid for June 2024. In fact, there’s discontent within the club regarding this matter, and they are contemplating lodging a formal complaint with FIFA.

    A few days back this event took place, when PSG came on a viewpoint that they will lodge a file regarding this matter as they strongly belive that their player has been on a pre-contract with the La Liga giants and also gave several proofs on that note, with the Frenchman has turned down the contract extension offer from PSG, being the biggest proof.However, PSG is yet to make that complaint official and it seems like they will do it; sidelining Mbappe and taking him out of the picture will not make the club satisfied.

    PSG’s new transfer strategy

    In their discussions within the players, PSG has reminded them that Mbappe consistently vowed in up to eight interviews to neither depart on a free nor harm the club. While the situation of Mbappe isn’t resolved yet, the club is still active in the transfer market and their main target is picking up the young and French players. On that regard, the imminent addition of 22-year-old Benfica forward Goncalo Ramos is just one step in this approach, with more signings likely to follow.

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