Overwatch 2 new trailer shows off Ramattra’s Gameplay

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    The fearsome Tank Ramattra, the head of the Null Sector group in Overwatch 2, has debuted in the game’s first Tank Ramattra video. The Overwatch 2 trailer also provided the first glimpse of a potential new map.

    In a brand-new movie showcasing Ramattra’s scary potency, Blizzard demonstrated gameplay for what they refer to as “Overwatch 2’s first Tempo Tank.” Once he appears in the game, the tank—who can execute unique moves specific to each of its forms—could fundamentally alter how Overwatch 2 is played. His play style, according to the developers of Overwatch 2, is “complex and multifaceted, mirroring his history and ideals.”

    Both of Ramattra’s attacks are based on Overwatch 2 players’ routines. The developers claim that the Omnic form has a shield and a staff that shoots nanite particles at targets in the distance with minimal damage falloff but with a lead time. This form is better appropriate for the “poke phase,” during which teams discuss their potential course of action. The Nemesis form is designed to get up in the faces of the other squad. The two additional arms that pound waves of energy at foes around transform the Primary Fire into the Pummel. A shot sphere called a “Ravenous Vortex” traps targets, slows down their movement, and even pulls down adversaries who are flying close to the ground.

    Additionally, Ramattra obtains a protective skill that lowers his movement speed while shielding only him and reducing incoming damage.

    Anyone unlucky enough to be caught close to Ramattra will suffer greatly from his Ultimate. An army of nanites that Annihilation summons surrounds him like a force field and continuously inflicts harm on nearby foes. Ramattra can move into the targeted target’s field of view thanks to these nanites, which will extend out in front of him a good distance. Annihilation has a brief cast time, but if it grabs onto an adversary, it will remain continuous, according to the Overwatch 2 creators. Therefore, the Ultimate can be prolonged for a while after an enemy comes into range.

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    Many identifiable components of other Overwatch 2 heroes’ kits can be found in Ramattra’s kit. The personal shield functions similarly to Doomfist’s, Ravenous Vortex is comparable to Sojourn’s disruptor shot, and the nanite swarm in his ultimate reaches out to drain health similarly to Moira’s Biotic Grasp.

    Overwatch 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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