Want to rent a house in Bengaluru? Minimum qualification is an IIT or IIM degree

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    Wait until you hear what Bengaluru landlords expect from their renters if you thought an IIT-IIM matrimony site on social networking platform Facebook was the height of odd. It would appear that having an IIT or IIM degree can get you not just into a marriage with another IIT or IIM alum, but also a home to live for rent in the state’s capital.

    Landlords turned down a Vellore Institute of Technology graduate because he wasn’t an IIT, IIM, ISB, or CA by profession graduate. The tenant must also have a solid LinkedIn profile, which has become another requirement over time for renting a home in India’s Silicon Valley.

    Priyansh Jain, a VIT alumnus, shared pictures of his chat with a broker in Bengaluru on Twitter. The broker indicated that he would not be able to rent Jain the apartment since Jain was not an IIT, IIM, or ISB alum.

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    “#Bangalore flat owners, why do you do this?? P.S looking for a single vacancy (preferably vegetarian) near EGL(Indiranagar, Domlur, HAL). Flexible budget based on how good the flat isBonus: I can also teach house-party/campfire guitar”

    The home owner was seeking individuals with a particular background. They inquired about Jain’s office and academic information. The snapshot shows that Jain, a software developer engineer, identified himself as a “vegetarian” and stated that he worked for the Australian software business Atlassian.

    Jain enrolled in the course because he believed that if he disclosed that he was a vegetarian, his chances of getting the house would soar to glory. The broker insisted on learning Jain’s alma mater, and after learning that he attended VIT, the broker turned down Jain’s request to rent the apartment.

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    It appears that Bengaluru residents are now taking into account your sexual orientation, marital status, religion, and even your LinkedIn profile and educational background.

    credit: businesstoday

    Jain also recounted a chat he had with another broker via WhatsApp in which the broker first inquired about his employer before requesting his LinkedIn profile link in order to be qualified to rent a home in Bengaluru.

    Jain’s message, in particular, went viral and was widely circulated. Jain has responded to some, adding that he is still unable to find a rental home in the capital of Karnataka.

    In 2021, a similar tweet went viral, demonstrating how Bengaluru landlords had been engaging in this behaviour for a while. Twitter users’ reactions to Jain’s article were conflicting. Many locals who have experienced similar tragedies claimed that such behaviours are common in Bengaluru. One of the users stated that it had not only begun in Hyderabad but was also happening in Bengaluru.

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    Some also favoured the practice of landlord in Bengaluru and said “Owner is looking for a secure tenant who will be able to pay rent comfortably without any defaults hence the background check on college and workplace.”

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