Why did Triple H present a new undisputed title to Roman Reigns?

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    On Friday Night SmackDown this week, Roman Reigns’ 1000 days celebration took place. During the celebration, WWE’s Chief Content Officer Triple H presented The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns with a new Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Check out the details regarding the same.

    Why did Triple H present Roman Reigns a new Undisputed WWE Universal Championship?

    On May 27, 2023, the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns completed 1000 days as the WWE Universal Champion. However, because of WWE Night of Champions taking place on the same day, Reigns delayed his celebration, which took place on Friday Night SmackDown this week.

    Thus, on WWE SmackDown, to honor Roman Reigns’ historic reign as the WWE Universal Champion for over 1000 days, Triple H presented Roman Reigns with a new Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. The new title is different from the one Reigns previously held.

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    The new title, i.e., the WWE Undisputed Universal Title is a single title, which means Reigns will not be having the former Universal title as well as WWE title together, rather hold the new title from now on.

    reigns new championship
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    Roman Reigns as the Unidsputed Champion

    Reigns achieved something in WWE that np other athlete has done in the modern era, and eventually the Tribal Chief has listed his name among the greatest of all time. He has defeated several top faces of the company, as well as Hall of Famers and it is indeed hard to say when will Reigns be defeated and lose his belt of being the champion. Also it is to be seen who eventually dethrones Reigns and becomes the new WEE Undisputed Universal Champion.

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