Buffalo Bills Stadium worth 1.5 billion dollars is now a work in progress

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    The future is upcoming for the NFL’s Buffalo Bills, following them breaking the ground on their new 1.5 billion dollar stadium. It will replace the aging high mark stadium, which started back in 1973. The team will keep up playing there while the construction work is on for the new stadium. 

    Buffalo Bills Stadium at work! It’s worth 1.5 billion dollars

    European sports fans might wonder that 50 years isn’t actually that much for a professional stadium. However, by United States professional league standards, it is a relic. 

    The upcoming facility, named New Highmark Stadium, has a budget close to 1.54 billion, and the curtain raiser is expected in 2026. 

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    Buffalo Bills owner Terry Pegula has said in the opening statement at Groundbreaking,

    “I am proud to say that we have a new naming rights agreement that will carry our home for the long term; the title of New Highmark Stadium will shine for years to come.”

    Meanwhile, the team will continue the games at the icy Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park, which started in 1973 across the streets from where they’ll be having their new facility, with better indoor weather conditions than they’re having at present. 

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    Because of its snow and cold winds, it’s among the most anticipated stadiums among fans and visiting teams.

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    The grand opening ceremony of the New Highmark Stadium

    Bills COO has added, 

    “I know it might get a little confusing. ‘Highmark Stadium’ is our home today, and ‘New Highmark Stadium’ will be our home in 2026. Once we get to 2026, we’ll drop the ‘new’, and Highmark Stadium’ will be our future for the next 30 years.”

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