Who has scored the most goals against top 10 international teams between Messi and Ronaldo?

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    Who is a better player between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo has been one of the biggest arguments in the current generation, which will even go on in the coming years even after they retire. Ronaldo has been in brilliant form for the club, as well as for his national team, and Messi isn’t an exception there too.

    Messi recently exceeded his 100 international goal mark by registering 3 goals against Curacao. In this context, with both the Argentina legend as well as the Portuguese legend having international goals above 100, a question arises on who has scored the most goals against the top 10 international teams ranked by FIFA. Let’s check out.

    Top 10 International teams ranked by FIFA

    The top 10 international teams ranked by FIFA, including Argentina and Portugal, are –

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    1. Brazil
    2. Argentina
    3. France
    4. Belgium
    5. England
    6. Netherlands
    7. Croatia
    8. Italy
    9. Portugal
    10. Spain

    Now the question is, who has scored more goals against these teams in their respective meet-ups?

    Messi and Ronaldo’s goals comparison against top international teams

    Coming to Messi’s stat at first, he has scored a total of 15 goals against them. This includes Brazil (five), France (three), Croatia (three), Spain (two), Netherlands (one), and Portugal (one). On the other hand, coming to Cristiano Ronaldo’s stat, the Portuguese striker has 14 goals in his pocket, against FIFA’s top ten. This includes the Netherlands (four), Belgium (three), Spain (three), France (two), Argentina (one), and Croatia (one).

    Comparing the stats of the two, Messi is only one goal ahead of Ronaldo. However, that doesn’t justify, who’s better; rather, it signifies that these two greats have been efficient even against strong teams like France, Spain, Netherlands, etc. With these two playing a few more matches, it is to be seen who ends the tally being the highest in this comparison.

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