Company of Heroes 3: New Operation Sapphire Jackal Update

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    With two previously unexplored scenarios and a brand-new campaign design, Company of Heroes 3 revitalises the franchise. While the campaigns in Italy and North Africa provide very different experiences, they are both engaging enough to keep you interested if you want to take a break from multiplayer combat.

    Recently, the game Company of Heroes 3 was released, and while it offers an enjoyable gameplay experience, there are some bugs that, if you’re unlucky enough to find them, could ruin it. Thankfully, Relic Entertainment has released the game’s first significant update, which fixes the majority of these issues as well as the Challenges system.

    “Though this update does not include what we consider a “full” balance pass, we have made several changes to help shake up multiplayer and co-op. We’ll be keeping an eye on your feedback and matches and will roll out further balance adjustments in a timely fashion.”

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    Here are some of the highlights of the Company of Heroes 3: Operation Sapphire Jackal:

    Company of Heroes 3
    credit: gamespot
    • A small update to the Unique Player Colour option. Allies will now be cool colours and enemies will be warm colours
    • Fixed several icons and portraits with the correct Company of Heroes 3 assets
    • All new voiceover for Gurkha Infantry
    • Audio adjustments for map pings
    • Added an option to enable Exclusive Control Groups. With this option, squads only occupy one control group at a time, like in previous CoH games
    • Fixed the Recently Played With list
    • Adjusted territory layout on (8) Mignano Gap and made minor adjustments to Strategic and Victory Point locations on (6) Gazala Landing Ground
    • Fixed several issues where bridges did not correctly have cover
    • Bloom was removed and we fixed blur or “haze” on the maps

    Here are the main gameplay changes from Company of Heroes 3: Operation Sapphire Jackal:

    • Pathfinders have had their utility and early power toned down
    • The M13/40 has also seen some reductions in power
    • Loiters have been toned down to be less oppressive
    • Vehicles commanded to face in a different direction will turn properly instead of driving in circles
    • Many tooltips and descriptions have been updated to better reflect the abilities, units, veterancy, and upgrades for greater clarity and information to the player

    The Challenges system is the most significant addition to the Operation Sapphire Jackal update. You can now complete daily and weekly in-game tasks to earn Merit, a new kind of currency you can use to unlock cosmetics for your preferred units. Merits and War Bonds will be accepted as payment for these in-game purchases, which can be made in the shop. The War Bonds must be purchased with real money because they are a premium currency.

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