Moonlighting has got IT companies worried about their corporal secrets

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    The major corporations in the nation have all weighed in on the significant problem of moonlighting in the IT sector and have varied thoughts to share. Rishad Premji, executive chairman of Wipro, referred to it as “clear and straightforward cheating” despite the fact that some businesses have come to accept it as the new standard.

    Companies are worried about moonlighting, which is when a person works for multiple organisations at once. An increase in employees moonlighting, according to a Financial Times story, has led to the emergence of new businesses that perform “intermittent background checks” on workers to determine whether they are moonlighting.

    “It’s kind of top of mind right now for pretty much everyone here in India because the problem does exist, and it’s large,” said Ashok Hariharan, chief executive officer of IDfy, an identity verification company, in a statement to Financial Times.

    Moonlighting has become a contentious subject; TCS’s chief human resources officer, Milind Lakkad, calls it an ethical dilemma.

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    On the other hand, Infosys has changed its mind about moonlighting after initially opposing it. In their free time and for businesses that don’t compete with Infosys or its clients, the software giant permits its employees to take on gig labour with the prior approval of their manager and BP-HR.

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    “What the IT sector really cares about is if they’re working in competing companies. The risk significantly increases because your data can get out, your proprietary methodology can get out,” Hariharan added.

    IT organisations are concerned about their staff working for rival companies as moonlighting becomes more common.

    As part of its background checks, IDfy employs machine learning technologies to discover employees who moonlight. Along with social media, job portals, and other public documents, the provident fund database is one of the tools the organisation employs to look for this.
    According to reports, businesses have also used income tax returns to catch workers who moonlight. According to reports, employers look at employees’ income tax returns to see if they have any additional sources of income.

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