mini LED display expected in 11-inch iPad Pro next year

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    Apple plans to upgrade the LCD panel. The 11-inch iPad Pro to the mini LED backlight type on the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro is coming.

    According to well-known Apple analyst Guo Mingchi, the update will come in next year’s update.
    Apple’s new 12.9-inch iPad Pro made a splash when it launched a few weeks ago. With its new mini LED backlit LCD panel and the acclaimed M1 chip taking center stage. Surprisingly, the 11-inch iPad Pro model only uses the M1 chip. It continues to use its standard white LED backlight method. Until then, from a feature set point of view, the two iPad Pro models have been in sync.

    However, Apple has not officially stated the reason. It is rumored to be performance issue to supply chain shortages of required semiconductor technology and issues related to the manufacturing of new technologies. This will change with the 2022 update to the iPad Pro, which according to Bloomberg includes an all-glass back cover. According to Apple supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will also add mini LED display technology to 11-inch iPad Pro.

    Interestingly, the rumor mill also pointed out that Apple introduced an OLED panel in its next iPad Air update. There is a possible redesign of the iPad mini. Currently, Apple has locked the panels on these devices at a 60Hz refresh rate. Moreover, Apple may choose mini LED as a transition step on the iPad Pro model. This is due to limited OLED panel options that meet its technical requirements. The iPad Pro model has supported a 120Hz refresh rate for many years. Going back to 60Hz OLED panels isn’t the first choice.

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