Microsoft Excel is now an eSports – Here’s all you need to know about the Microsoft Excel Financial Modeling World Cup on 8th June

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    Whenever we think of eSports, we usually can’t relate Microsoft Excel to eSports. But the notion is about to change. Microsoft is hosting the Microsoft Excel Financial Modeling World Cup on 8th June 2021, involving 8 countries. The multiplayer battle tournament will also be live-streamed.

    Microsoft Excel announced: “We are back with another live financial modeling battle! This time, 8 top modelers from 8 different countries will be competing against each other. You have the opportunity to sit in the front-row seat and watch how they build the models that have earned them the top-ranking positions. After the battle, we will make sure to share the financial models with the viewers. Use this opportunity to learn some tricks used by some of the greatest minds in financial modeling.”

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    Here’s the list of the participants from 8 countries:

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    1. United Kingdom – Andrew Ngai
    2. Australia – John Lim
    3. Poland – Gabriela Stroj
    4. South Africa – Jason Webber
    5. India – Anup Agrawal
    6. United States of America – Stephanie Annerose
    7. Malaysia – Jeff Heng Siang Tan
    8. Canada – Micheal Jarman

    The Microsoft Excel Financial Modeling World Cup will be the first of its kind event, where eight financial analysts from all around the world will show their Excel skills on 8th June 2021 at 12 PM UTC.

    The eSports tournament will be live-streamed on the official YouTube channel of the Financial Modeling World Cup.

    Here is the link of the live stream:

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