Metro Exodus 2 closer might be much closer than we think

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    A new report has narrowed down the possible release date for Metro Exodus 2. This insider account comes just weeks after 4A Games released the Exodus SDK engine for modders, as well as confirming that the new Metro game is still in development.

    The fourth instalment in the acclaimed FPS franchise based on best-selling Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky’s book Metro 2033 has been in development for at least three years. 4A Games first confirmed its existence in 2020 but has provided very little information on the project since then. The last official piece of information about the title comes from that initial communication when the studio stated that the new Metro game will be a multiplayer-focused experience.

    Concerning the veracity of these claims, the same source recently revealed that Xbox Game Pass is about to receive another Atlus RPG, as well as leaking the correct release date for co-op shooter Redfall weeks before Bethesda officially announced it. The YouTuber’s track record with leaks is thus neither long nor complete, but it does imply some level of insider knowledge of the industry.

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    Given 4A Games’ long-standing collaboration with the Austrian company dating back to the 2013 Metro: Last Light, the sequel to Metro Exodus will most likely be published by Deep Silver.

    Metro Exodus
    credit: wccftech

    While many Ukrainian developers were forced to postpone their projects in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of the Eastern European country, 4A Games saw the writing on the wall during the 2014 Crimean crisis and chose to relocate its headquarters and the majority of its employees to Malta before the month-long conflict was over.

    Owner Andrew Prokhorov described the decision as difficult but necessary at the time, claiming that 4A Games would have shut down if they had remained in their home country. Despite this, the studio maintains a Kyiv office, and it was recently revealed that one of Metro Exodus’ developers was killed while fighting in Ukraine.

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