Messi shows off a new tattoo celebrating Argentina’s grand World Cup win

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    Lionel Messi is at the epitome of his professional life at this moment, and the celebration has been on ever since Argentina lifted the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. To celebrate the grand win, Messi has got himself a new tattoo, one that fans have spotted and shared online.

    Messi shows off a new tattoo that celebrates Argentina’s grand World Cup win

    The Argentine legend has added the ‘Five of Cups’ Card from the Spanish deck of cards to his left leg. It’s the representation of Argentina’s grand World Cup win that he has aspired to for years. 

    The meaning of the tattoo on Messi’s left leg is very special, too, as he used this number at the beginning of his career and has mentioned on various occasions they carry a lot of significance for him.

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    In an interview, the Argentina captain also stated that the numbers refer to the number of members in his family, including his parents, his sister, and his brother. Though number five indicates a defensive midfielder on-field, it is very important for LM10, and that’s why he wanted this small tattoo.

    The origin of the new tattoo?

    Let us find out the origin of Messi’s new tattoo. 

    In the documentary ‘Sean Eternos: Campeones de America’, the audience can see how the players began guessing cards and that Messi guessed his number. 

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    Many of them decided to get it tattooed because they looked upon it as an important part of their victory. Other players who took part in the game were Giovani Lo Celso, Nicolas Otamendi, Alejandro ‘Papu’ Gomez, Angel Di Maria, and Sergio Aguero. 

    They were convinced that they would be crowned. Hence after defeating Brazil in Copa America, they started to get their respective cards tattooed.

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