Can Messi’s astronomical record be taken over by Erling Haaland and Robert Lewandowski?

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    Erling Haland and Robert Lewandowski are currently the best centers forwards in the world and they prove it every time they step onto the pitch.

    Their start to the season is undeniable, and both have doubts about their potential adaptation to the new league.

    Lewandowski has scored 11 goals in his eight league appearances, including his league in Santander and the Champions League. Considering his Premier League and Champions League counts, Halland has scored 14 goals in his 10 appearances.

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    Those are amazing numbers that you can guess if one of his strikers will break. Leo Messi is the record for a number of goals scored in one of his season.

    The marvelous figures set by Messi

    With 82 goals previously classified as ‘unreachable’, Leo Messi has made football history.

    Of the 82 goals scored by the Messi, 73 were in Barcelona (60 games) and 9 in Argentina (her 9 games counting from her Copa finish in the United States that year).

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    The Haaland way of scoring goals

    Erling Haaland is destined to be the great striker of the next decade. He practically started scoring goals the day he stepped from his cradle onto the pitch.

    Halland has scored over 150 goals in over 200 official matches between Norwegian clubs and the national team during his professional career.

    But how did Haaland score goals? Haaland counts only national championships in his career and uses his left foot as his main weapon, from which he has scored 67 of his goals. On the other hand, with his right foot, he has scored 15 goals and with his head, he has scored 9 goals, all by ‘Driblab’.

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    As Guardiola explained at a press conference, “He reads where the space is. And of course, he’s a guy who’s in the box. We want to play a lot of time there, produce a lot of goals, and put in a lot of balls so he can feel comfortable and use his incredible weapon. He’s a guy who gets into the area and has the feeling that he can score.”

    But if you can blame anything about Haaland’s game, it’s likely that he relies on his left foot to finish.

    Halland seems to have been the missing piece for Manchester City to become a near-perfect team, with Pep Guardiola applauding his influence.

    Excluding penalties, Haland’s xG (expected goals) is his 5.73. And he scored 10 goals in that match. In other words, his quality and his eye for touching the ball and scoring will vastly improve the expected numbers for the quality of play.

    Box Shooter Lewandowski 

    Robert Lewandowski’s career is based on achievements. It started with Znicz Pruszkow, Lech Poznan, Dortmund, Bayern and now Barcelona. He scored step after step, and goal after step, and broke records without pulling the handbrake. Even his age is not an obstacle for him.

    Counting Lewandowski in his last five seasons, the Barcelona player clearly has a penchant for the right foot, despite using his head more than Haaland. 

    Despite having more skill outside the box than Haaland, he has only scored 9 goals from outside the box, while 133 have come from inside.

    But what is most impressive about Lewandowski is his ability to place the ball out of the goalkeeper’s reach. The key for all strikers.

    Make difficult things easy. This season, the Pole has shown tremendous efficiency in hitting low and low shots. 10 goals from 14 shots. He’s not on the same level as Halland in this section, but he’s scored more goals than the stats would predict.

    Can the players take over Messi’s outstanding records?

    Surely, no science could predict what might happen in a season. Injuries, ill health, suspensions…all make it impossible. That is why we try to guide and follow the path that Lewandowski and Halland are currently taking. That goal is still controlled by Leo Messi.

    Lionel Messi made his 60th appearance for the club in 2011/12. He played in 37 of 38 league games, reached the semi-finals of his league in the Champions League, won the Copa del Rey, and played in the World Cup, Spanish Super Cup, and European Super Cup for the club. After that, Messi played 9 games for Argentina.

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