McGregor is interested in buying Liverpool but receives huge disagreement from fans

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    Conor McGregor has declared his interest in buying Liverpool after it came out this week that the English soccer club’s owner Fenway Sports Group (FSG) is interested to sell.

    McGregor expresses his willingness to buy Liverpool

    The UFC fighter took to his Twitter and wrote in capital letters, 

    I’d love it.” 

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    Many of the football buffs didn’t take his willingness well. Soon enough, many fans have thrown light on the fact that last March he announced he was willing to present an offer to buy Manchester United. He even had interests in Chelsea and Glasgow Celtic, a Scottish club having Irish roots. 

    McGregor revealed in his tweet the moment he knew the news of Liverpool’s sale, he sought further information about it. The famous martial arts star said, 

    “What a turn of events! What a club!” 

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    McGregor confessed that he has been a United supporter since childhood but his sympathies leaned towards Liverpool, as he acknowledged during the Champions League final between them with Real Madrid in 2022. 

    Following his expression of interest came many critical comments, most of which reminded him of being a self-declared United supporter who’s not eligible to buy Liverpool. 

    The Irishman said, 

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    “Be in no doubt that I am contemplating the purchase of a soccer franchise in the future.”

    New owner to take on Liverpool declared by The Athletic

    On Monday, it was revealed by the British publication The Athletic that FSG is willing to onboard new partners to take on Liverpool, the club it has owned since 2010. 

    Responding to this information, FSG, which manages MLB’s Boston Red Sox and many of the media outlets, said that, 

    ” Under the right terms and conditions, we would consider new partners if that would be in the best interest of Liverpool as a club.”

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