EA halts the development of Project CARS

    Slightly Mad Studios created the racing simulator known as Project CARS, which appeared in several games from the previous generation. Following the publication of the third game in 2020, there were no further instalments in the series for a while. As the first two titles were ultimately delisted earlier this year, the situation for them only gets worse.

    Even worse things are in store for Project CARS. EA previously announced that it has decided to “halt future development and investment” in the Project CARS series. Only fans of the games will keep the franchise alive at this point because it is utterly dead.

    Thankfully, it doesn’t appear like anyone will lose their job at Slightly Mad Studios. Wherever possible, they are being moved to “appropriate” jobs and positions. Slightly Mad had 150 employees back in 2019 when it was acquired by Codemasters.

    EA halts the development of Project CARS

    Decisions like these are very hard, but allow us to prioritize our focus in areas where we believe we have the strongest opportunity to create experiences that fans will love. We are focusing on our strengths in our racing portfolio, particularly licensed IP and open-world experiences, and expanding our franchises to be more socially-led with long-term live services that will engage global communities.

    We are working with everyone impacted by this decision to place them into suitable roles across our EA Sports and racing portfolio, as well as other parts of EA, wherever we can. Our priority now is to provide as much support as possible to our people through this transition.

    It’s likely that the production crew for the Project CARS games will switch to something like FIFA, Need for Speed, or Battlefield 2042, to name a few possibilities, given what EA has available on shop shelves and its planned titles.

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