Max Verstappen could win the current F1 Championship

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    A terrific Formula One campaign is all set for its showdown at the Abu Dhabi, with the title is hanging in the balance between Max Verstappen and F1 legend Lewis Hamilton, with the level on points. The main fight is between these two, where both of them will be looking forward to making history. The 36-year-old Hamilton will certainly look after his eighth title in his overall career, whereas the young 24-year-old Verstappen will undoubtedly be determined to secure his maiden championship victory.

    For the title, the race shootout is all set to begin at the Abu Dhabi GP next weekend. The momentum is firm with Lewis Hamilton who has emerged victoriously in three successive GPs including Brazil, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. However, Verstappen will also not let his championship go so easily

    The current standing of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton

    As per the current standings, both Hamilton and Verstappen are at the same level with 369.5 points. Verstappen was reigning at the top but Hamilton drew his points with Verstappen after his dramatic victory at the Saudi Arabian GP. However, Verstappen is still in the first race, with Hamilton being in the second, as the former one has won more races, i.e., 9, and the latter one has emerged victoriously in 8.

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    Who will win the title?

    Both of these are unique F1 drivers, hence nothing could be speculated earlier. The one who finishes ahead of the other will achieve the title. However, there is a slight possibility that Hamilton could beat Verstappen and still lose the title. It is when if Hamilton finishes 9th gaining 2 points, and Verstappen finished 10th with 1 point, and if he takes the fastest lap points, then he will get a bonus.

    However, this is a keen possibility that is rare to happen but not impossible. The eyes of the F1 fans are set for the showdown at Abu Dhabi where the Grand Prix will kick off from 1 PM on Sunday at December 12.

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