Marvels Spider-Man 2 developers explain character switching feature in the upcoming game

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    Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will allow players to alternate between Peter Parker and Miles Morales, and Insomniac has recently revealed how it works. After starring in their web-swinging adventures, both Spider-heroes were confirmed to be playable characters in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Fans have been curious as to how Insomniac would handle switching between Peter and Miles during their most recent battle to defend New York City from deadly villains like Venom and Kraven the Hunter.

    During last week’s PlayStation Showcase live stream, these fans finally got a glimpse of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s prospective character-switching capabilities.

     At the end of the event, Insomniac unveiled a new Spider Man 2 video, which portrayed Peter in his new Symbiote costume savagely tearing down Kraven’s minions while on the hunt for the Lizard. Following this hard struggle, Peter phones Miles to inform him of Kraven’s plans, which results in a button prompt that transfers control to the younger Spider-Man as he searches Harlem for the mutated Dr. Connors.

    This appears to suggest that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 would allow players to manually swap between Peter and Miles at any time, and now Insomniac is revealing how this will function. The story of Spider Man 2 will switch between Spider-Men at predetermined points, according to Bryan Intihar, the game’s creative director, in a recent interview with Eurogamer. While exploring the open world of New York City, players will have the option to swap between Peter and Miles, with some sidequests and other material being tailored exclusively for one of the two protagonists.

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    Intihar further mentioned that this character transition will be tied into Spider-Man 2’s three unique skill trees, which include Symbiote-enhanced powers for Peter, electrifying Venom Blast abilities for Miles, and a normal set of Spider-skills shared by both web-slingers. He claims that his team sought to give gamers a sense of familiarity by switching between the two Spideys while allowing them to upgrade their movesets. When asked if Spider Man 2 will include any other characters, such as Marvel’s Spider-Man’s contentious Mary Jane portions, Intihar declined to comment.

    Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 launches this fall, exclusively for PlayStation 5.

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