Marvel Snap will be getting its PvP Mode on January 31st 2023

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    Marvel Snap will get its long-awaited PVP Battle Mode on January 31 and this announcement was made on Marvel Snap’s official website, and developer Second Dinner’s associate design director Kent-Erik Hagman took to Unity Blog to explain what players can expect.

    Marvel Snap’s Battle Mode will function similarly to a standard match, with one key difference: instead of wagering for cubes that can be won, you’ll bet with your health. Each player starts with 10 health, and the winner deals the amount of wagered health as damage at the end of the match. Because Hagman did not specify whether betting health will function similarly to betting cubes, we do not yet know whether wagers will automatically double at the end of a Battle Mode round. However, if it works as expected, a match in which both opponents “snap” could deal a whopping eight damage to the loser.

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    According to Hagman, the small health pool will make even low-stakes rounds more exciting because with only 10 health, every point of damage counts. In Battle Mode, players can only use one deck at a time during the match. The ability to predict your opponents’ moves, according to Hagman, will add an extra layer of excitement to a head-to-head matchup.

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    If everything goes as planned, Series Drop will be available on January 31. Certain Series 5 (rarest cards) cards will be moved to Series 4, and certain Series 4 cards will be moved to Series 3. When a Series is dropped, cards become “10x more common in Collector’s Reserves, and [they are] much cheaper in the Token Shop.”

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