Carlo Ancelotti Confirms Marco Asensio’s Departure from Real Madrid

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    It has not been an easy summer for the Spanish professional, Marco Asensio. There were no offers of a contract extension with Real Madrid, making it even harder for him to continue playing for the club, which seemed to be the player’s greatest wish.

    With no interest in a contract extension that expires in 10 months, the club’s board has made it clear that the Spanish striker is not part of their future plans, at least for now.

    The club is also honest about the fact, that they may accept transfers if a suitable offer is provided. Asensio is aware of this as they didn’t hide this information from the player himself this week.

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    Staying at Real Madrid and fulfilling the remainder of his contract doesn’t mean he won’t play anymore. However, he recognizes that getting into the first XI will be very complicated.

    In addition, the departure of Casemiro and the possible departure of Mariano Diaz would reduce the number of players available to coach Carlo Ancelotti and give him more opportunities to play, however, that wasn’t exactly the player’s objective. 

    Marco Asensio wants to feel important and is quite aware of his current struggles and complications at Real Madrid. On Thursday, Ancelotti stated, that this is why a solution is being sought from Valdebebas.

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    Several teams offered to sign the Spanish striker. However, Marco Asensio has always been reluctant to move forward with negotiations as he believes he still has a place at Real Madrid.

    The player wants to prove the ones who doubt his abilities, wrong. Asensio believes he can turn the situation in his favor with the remaining time he has left on his contract with Real Madrid, much like Lucas Vazquez did two years ago.

    Marco Asensio is clear with his intentions

    Marco Asensio is also clear about the fact, that he doesn’t want to watch time pass by sitting idly on the bench and collecting pay cheques. He’s a football player and he shall prove it every week and every training session.

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    But it is important that Marco Asensio feels valued and at least gets the chance to prove himself. The fact that he was last season’s third top scorer at the club and won LaLiga Santander and the Champions League is not easily forgotten.

    Real Madrid Wishes for the Player’s Departure

    Real Madrid is aware that it is best for players in the final year of their contracts to leave the club if they do not have a clear interest in renewing their contracts.

    The summer market is coming to an end and we cannot find a solution. Ancelotti awaits a final decision. He knows he will count on Asensio if he remains, but he also recognizes that he has players ahead of him.

    The forward feels he can either fight for a starting XI place or at least contribute through rotation. It won’t be easy, but if he stays he will fight for his place. At the moment, he and his agent Jorge Mendes are listening to offers from other teams. 

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