Mercedes – Benz plans to make 25% of its all Car Sales in India Electric

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    Amid calls to stop the sale of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles and rising fuel prices, automakers worldwide are gradually transitioning to electric vehicles. Mercedes-Benz has already introduced electric vehicles and has now revealed its plans to do so in India.

    The German automaker debuted the EQC SUV in India in 2020, and two years after that initial debut, it announced plans to introduce three further electric vehicles this year.

    The first vehicle, a high-end Mercedes AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+, cost 2.45 crore when it was introduced in India. The car is being imported as a completely constructed unit (CBU), which attracts a higher tax rate and is one of the causes of the high price.

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    Since the company would import knocked-down kits for local assembly, the second automobile will probably be more economical. Next month, the business plans to introduce the EQS 580, an electric car.

    The Mercedes EQB SUV, which the company plans to debut in November, will be its third vehicle. The EQB will be the first seven-seater electric SUV produced by the business in India.

    credit: businessinsider

    By 2027, Mercedes intends to sell 25% of its vehicles as electric vehicles, a figure that, according to the company’s managing director Martin Schwenk, was unimaginable when it introduced its first electric vehicle in India two years prior.

    The corporation is reportedly investing 15 crore together with franchise partners to set up 140 charge sites around the nation by the end of the year in order to promote the sale of its electric automobiles. 140 charges will be made up of 20 180kW ultra-speed DC chargers, 20 60kW rapid DC chargers, and 100 22kW AC chargers.

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    The business contends with brands like BMW and Audi that have introduced their own electric vehicles in the electric market. While Audi offers vehicles such as the e-tron 50, e-tron 55, and more, BMW offers vehicles such as the iX SUV and i4 sedan.

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