Manchester United offering an option to Borussia Dortmund, for Jadon Sancho

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    Manchester United is again targeting Jadon Sancho this summer, from Borussia Dortmund. Reports suggest that Man United sent an offer to Dortmund, either to accept it or leave. The to transfer Sancho.

    United is trying to sign the deal with Sancho for a long time

    The Red Devils among the soccer clubs have been trying to pursue 21-year-old young blood, who is a good forward player. In the EURO 2020 season, he is playing for the England National Soccer team. The club presented a bid in the region of 75 million pounds this week. However, Dortmund has replied to the offer and stated the price to be 2 million more, i.e. 77 million pounds. They also want this situation to be cleared up before July 23.

    The deal between Borussia Dortmund and Manchester United

    Various sources state that the Bundesliga club wants to settle before the squad holds their training camp that will start from the next month. In perspective to the personal terms, it will probably be a five-year contract, which both the clubs have agreed. However, the final deal will get finalized after both of them gets satisfied.

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    Sancho’s Future

    Jadon Sancho’s future is nothing to be concerned about. He is already in the starting 11 of the England National team, as set by manager Gareth Southgate. Apart from that, he currently plays for Borussia Dortmund, and Manchester United’s number 1 target at present is Sancho. What can be better?

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    Jadon Sancho

    Though Sancho is yet to appear, as he was not there in the England vs Croatia match. Also, he didn’t even play as a substitute against Scotland on Friday.

    Sancho’s Performance

    Sancho came to Dortmund from Man City in 2017, when he was only 17 years old, which was an 8 million pound deal. He scored 50 goals in his 137 appearances for Dortmund, and also registered 64 assists. Among this statistic, 16 of the goals along with 20 assists came in the last season, especially when the time of Dortmund was a difficult one.

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