Manchester City unfolds new concept designs for 60,000 Etihad expansion

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    Manchester City has unfolded concept designs for a supreme expansion of the Etihad stadium that will cross the 60,000 capacity. 

    What’s the new concept that can leave football lovers thrilled? Excited to know?

    Let’s find out. 

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    Manchester City unveils new concept designs for 60,000

    Manchester City are working on a project to remodel the north end of their campus, which will come with a hotel and extended fan park. Central to the plans lies a larger North Stand, including one large upper tier housing an additional 7,700 seats developed on the existing structures. 

    If the same is fulfilled, it will take the Etihad in line with capacities at Arsenal, Tottenham, and West Ham United behind Old Trafford as the country’s biggest club stadium. 

    The club has initiated fan consultation on the plans, which will continue for the next four weeks online and across different locations in the area. 

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    What the club has to say?

    A statement from the club read, 

    A covered City Square fan zone, with a capacity of 3,000 and a wide variety of food and drink outlets, a new club shop, museum, and hotel, are all proposed in order to offer a broader range of dynamic matchday and non-matchday activities. 

    Everything, including the construction work and permission planning, would take up to three years to wrap up. The city further added.

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    “Matchday travel measures are currently being explored with partners from across the city, with a view to enhancing existing services.” 

    Besides this, the club is also working on creating alternative ways for fans to travel to and from the stadium as an addition to the wider sustainable transport strategy.

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