Manchester City to invest a splurge of £300m in Etihad Stadium

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    Manchester City are current planning to invest more on their Ethiad Stadium to get a par on their rivals. Plans have been there to  7,700 additional seats to the second tier of the North Stand, and adding these addition seats will the capacity of the stadium to around 61,000. Howveer, the refurbishment will not only see additional seats in the arena rather some new features will be added there including, a covered fan park, a new hotel, megastore, as well as a meuseum that will be built inside the campus for modernising the facilities.

    Manchester City looking forward to make things eye watering

    As it is clear that Manchester City are looking forward to make things eye-watering by adding these features during the rennovation. This finance, committed to the works is expected to take the club’s overall stipend on the infrasturctural development of the area that even including the improvements of the previous stadium, along with the training ground and community centres that will take the worth to a mouth watering value of £1billion.

    Consultation regarding the project has been done with the fans as well as the local residents and Manchester City is currently seeking planning permission. If the permission is granted, then they will start their work soon, and are hoping to expand the capacity by the start of the 2025-26 season, with the other features will be completed a year later.

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    Manchester City also mentioned that they will plan the construction period carefully during the football season for avoiding the chances of disruption. A mentioned they are planning to invest on their stadium to equal with their competitors, and this increased capacity will bring the club alongside Tottenham, Arsenal, as well as West Ham United. On the other hand, Liverpool’s Anfield is also expected to hit the 61,000 mark.

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