Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story seems to be the new Spin-off in works at Riot Games

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    Riot Games appears to be working on another League of Legends spin-off title after a new game called Mageseeker was leaked through South Korea’s video game ratings board. While Riot’s internally developed games are notoriously slow to come to fruition, its publishing arm, Riot Forge, is picking up steam. Several games with the subtitle A League of Legends Story have been reported on in recent months. Mageseeker is the most recent example of League of Legends’ ongoing expansion.

    To be fair, Riot Forge has only released two A League of Legends Story releases. Both will be available in November 2021. They are Ruined King and Hextech Mayhem, an Airship Syndicate turn-based RPG and a Choice Provisions rhythm game. Both games received mixed reviews, owing in part to their inability to fit into and make sense of the larger League of Legends setting and characters.

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    Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story appears to be the name of the newest League of Legends spin-off game.

    According to the description on the South Korean games rating board’s website, it is an action game with the protagonist Sylas, a former Mageseeker. It was rated for children aged 12 and up, implying that it contains mature content similar to League of Legends and other spin-offs.

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    Unfortunately, no additional information about Mageseeker is available. With no developer known for the project, determining the style or scope of the project is difficult. The game’s name, Mageseeker, may imply that it is a prequel story about Sylas before the events of League of Legends. He was once a Mageseeker, after all, but due to a tragic accident, he was forced to flee the Mageseekers he once belonged to.

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