Dead Space reportedly in Works: John Carpenter

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    Iconic horror director John Carpenter, whose films include Halloween, Escape From New York, and The Thing, may have accidentally leaked the existence of a Dead Space Movie. Many fans, particularly those who enjoy survival horror, are excited about this modern take on Visceral’s beloved 2008 release, which is considered one of the most anticipated video games of 2023 so far. Given the recent spate of video game adaptations for TV and film, it wouldn’t be surprising if Dead Space was picked up as well.

    While the director is almost entirely known for some legendary films, he is also an avid gamer. In fact, John Carpenter stated last year that he would like to make a Dead Space film. However, he was not admitting that one was being made at the time. It was more something he might be interested in hypothetically, and it would make sense if he were to direct an adaptation, as the game and the director’s previous work share body horror themes.

    However, Carpenter recently spoke with Variety and may have inadvertently slipped up when discussing a potential Dead Space movie.

    Dead Space
    credit: gamespot

    When asked if he had anything else to say about the subject, Carpenter expressed surprise that his last remarks about an adaptation had made the rounds. He stated that he was not involved in such a project and then stated that he believes “they already have another director involved,” implying that something is in the works. It’s possible that this was just a passing remark, but some may interpret it as a ray of hope for a horror game adaptation. However, it is far from enough to raise hopes at this point.

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    If there is a Dead Space movie, he is unlikely to be involved, which is a shame. John Carpenter’s love of video games, with recent favourites including Fallout 76, Borderlands, and Horizon: Forbidden West, would make him the ideal director for such a film, especially given his previous horror reputation.

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