LG Mini LED TVs to release in US starting July

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    The company announced that LG new Mini LED TV series, branded “QNED”, will be launched globally starting next month. The lineup includes three sets of 8K QNED99 and QNED95 and 4K QNED90. However, 8K QNED99 and 4K QNED90 are sold in the United States. These televisions range in size from 65 to 86 inches. They will launch first in North America and later will launch in other regions “in the coming weeks.”

    LG Mini LED is a relatively new display technology that uses thousands of micro LED arrays as screen backlighting. There are so many of them, up to 30,000 in the case of the 86-inch QNED99). It can create a sharper contrast between the light and dark areas of the image. LG said the technology has been used in some TCL TVs and Apple’s latest 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The contrast ratio is 10 times that of regular LCD TVs.

    LG marketed Mini LED as “a huge leap in picture quality for LCD TVs”, but it doesn’t quite reach the level of OLED TVs. Their individual pixels emit light to create images (when using Mini LEDs, the LEDs continue to emit light through the LCD Layer). Do not confuse Mini LED with Samsung’s extremely expensive MicroLED technology, which also uses a series of small LEDs but does not require an LCD overlay.

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    In the United States, LG’s Mini LED TVs are not cheap. The 4K QNED90 65-inch model starts at US$1,999, the 75-inch model is priced at US$2,999, and the 86-inch model is priced at US$3,999. At the same time, the 8K version of QNED99 starts at $3499 for 65 inches, $4799 for 75 inches, and $6499 for 86 inches.

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