Lewandowski’s curious ‘reverse diet’ to upgrade performance

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    One of the noted strikers of current times is Robert Lewandowski, the Polish leader, and the main name in the Barcelona squad. There’s no denying the fact that nutrition has a key role in a footballer’s career and is significant in their success. 

    The globally celebrated striker has an excellent shape because of a ‘reverse diet’ made by his nutritionist wife, who also happens to be a sportswoman. 

    There is an excellent selection of foods that he can have, and there are some that he can’t. We aren’t sure of his nutritionist’s strictness, but he’s a staunch diet follower.

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    What are the allowed foods for Lewandowski?

    The items allowed in Lewandowski’s diet are millet, pancakes, brownies, high-quality fish, the best cinnamon-flavored juice, salads, soups, energy bars, dates, fresh juices, and almond milk. 

    His wife, Anna Lewandowska, explains, 

    “We eat carbohydrates and protein separately. Also, only good foods and lactose-free.”

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    Including these food items, Lewandowski would also take avocados and vegetables regularly. His nutritionist also recommends broccoli, lettuce, zucchini, spinach, and carrots because glycogen is essential to reduce fatigue. Also, fast food and fried items are excluded from his diet list. 

    His wife took to Instagram to write further, 

    The highest quality ingredients from the best source, local products, seasonal fruit, and vegetables – this is what my daily diet is based on. I have been avoiding white sugar, raw milk, and meat.”

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