Kerala Blasters’ replay request was rejected, AIFF is ready to announce its decision soon

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    Kerala Blasters FC’s protest with the All India Football Association (AIFF), demanding a return of their conflicting ISL playoff game against Bengaluru FC, has been abandoned. 

    Kerala Blasters FC’s replay request rejected

    Rejecting the replay request, AIFF has issued the charge notice to Kerala Blasters for the walkout, a violation of Art 58 of the disciplinary code. The probable penalty charges could be a fine of a minimum of 6 lakhs and, in serious issues, “disqualification from a competition in progress and/or exclusion from future competition.” 

    The AIFF arranged a meeting of its disciplinary committee to instantly deliberate on the grievance with the order to be issued by 7th March. As an outcome of what Kerala Blasters state to be an unfair decision given by Crystal John, Sunil Chhetri netted the ball perfectly to give Bengaluru FC the lead. Blasters left the field with strong protest. 

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    After Chhetri’s released down the right flank, an angry yell came from Blasters’ bench that he was offside. A move went forward following certain back and forth. Then, Chhetri suffered a pullback right outside the penalty area. The opponent’s defense was creating a wall while the referee stayed at the location marking it out. 

    The moment the ball was netted, everyone stopped moving. Ivan Vukomanovic came on-field in rage and started yelling at Crystal John, the official. After realizing the referee wouldn’t reverse his decision, he phoned his team and left. 

    FC players were present on the field while the officials tried having an unsuccessful conversation with the Blasters’players. 

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    Official appeal submitted to AIFF

    The official appeal was submitted to AIFF from the Blasters, claiming the referee was at fault for allowing Chhetri to take a prompt free-kick around 30 seconds after the foul. Following the walkout, both the AIFF nor ISL didn’t release any comment. The decision had to be made before Tuesday as the first leg semis between Mumbai City and Bengaluru FC was set for the day.

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